Smart, collaborative data management platform
for any data, domain, user, and deployment

The One platform for your data

Ataccama One sets out to be the one platform you will need to analyze, process, manage, and monitor your data. It brings you a complex data management solution for any data, any domain, any user, and any deployment.

Discovery & Profiling

A good quality of data is a bottom line of success for any organization. In order to make the right business decisions, you have to first understand the data. Data discovery and profiling should always be the first step in any data project. Knowledge of your data quality state empowers users to make smarter decisions and prevent costly mistakes.

  • Data Profiling
  • Metadata Discovery & Definition
  • Text Analytics & Unstructured Data Discovery

Data Quality & Governance

Suffering from poor data quality that affects its accuracy, consistency, completeness, uniqueness, timeliness, and validity? Implement a comprehensive data quality solution that satisfies your specific business needs, is robust enough, easy to use, flexible, powerful, scalable, fast, and fits within your existing infrastructure. Improve your data quality to leverage the full potential of your data, avoid risky decisions, and save money.

  • Data Quality Transformations
  • Matching
  • Data Quality Firewall
  • Data Quality Monitoring and Reporting
  • Issue Tracking and Manual Resolution

Master Data Management

Is your customer or product data scattered across multiple systems? Does absence of a single view of the data make your projects expensive and inaccurate? Create and manage a central repository of your key data assets to know your customer better, improve risk management, predict churn, detect frauds, implement accurate reporting and regulatory compliance (e.g., AML, BASEL, KYC, GDPR), or enhance security and data privacy.

  • Multi-Domain Mastering
  • Reference Data Management
  • Householding, Aggregation, and Categorization
  • Editing and Authoring
  • Hierarchy Management
  • Master Domain Monitoring

Collaborative Data Profiler

Smart, on demand, and free. Create an account, profile your first file, share it with your colleagues, and start collaborating.

Start profiling data

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